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How can a dentist use Instagram in 2019

September 14,2019

Are you a dentist who wants to increase his customer base? If yes, then the digital world is the right place for you. In the digital world, social media is an effective tool to engage and attract customers in a cost-effective manner. Facebook and Twitter are commonly used social media platforms but in recent times, Instagram has become a powerful tool to connect with customers. So if you are considering using Instagram to get more customers, then here’s your dentist guide to Instagram.

Let’s start with this important truth that, in recent years most of the people have found a particular tendency on doing beauty works, especially dental practice and as Instagram is improving and becoming popular every day.

So, dentists are worried about how they should expose their achievements in order to get more followers on Instagram and develop their brand awareness. There is a big challenge on which Instagram strategy should be followed to be on the Instagram top search and as a result earn money.

Following seven prominent tips to success in your business:

1-using an excellent looking theme to get more followers

Nowadays, having a fantastic appropriate theme is becoming an essential point for attracting more followers, it is a kind of creativity that you take advantage, to decorate your business account with an eye-catching aesthetic for respecting to you believes and clients.

It is a good idea to consider a combination of colors, and choose a specific one for your posts, also with a border as a frame for professional look, for example, maybe a dentist uses some equipment in blue and white colors, so give it a try certainly, this format would make your feed unique and gets people attention to follow you but be careful to use them in an inspirational way. Even in some cases, it is possible to change the color of posts with different contents or in each row.

2-Instagram Hashtags (to get more likes)

One of the best ways for showcasing your works and engaging more followers is using hashtags in any social media accounts. In fact, it is a stunning way that will lead to more views of your posts on Instagram. It is generated by putting “#” before a keyword, and if you use them wisely, definitely, you will gain the desired result out of it. In addition, having a clear hashtag strategy can really help you with that, totally in every post just below the caption you ‘d better use some relevant hashtags. For instance, you as a dentist might post some photos of your patient before and after the dental work and then use hashtags such as #Beautiful _Smile #Beauty _dental # Dr. 

The related point is that try to use maximum 30 hashtags to increase content discovery of your post, but in this situation, you are allowed to bring some of them into the comment under the post for a better look. 

3- Using Story & Stories Highlights

•    Story

Instagram story is an ideal feature which let users share video, photo, text in several styles with followers to inform a particular point or concept; it is an entertaining tool to share nice scenes in real time. It is useful to use this feature daily for showing the process of your work while doing cosmetic dental tasks like bleaching, composite so on and so forth. By following this step, you will be able to build a community around your business.

•    Story Highlights

It is a new tool in your profile with the most prominent usages for expressing more about you and sample works in another word; it is a kind of your store which you like to share your achievements, your patient significant changes or your selected sample works for validating your page through. Everyone is curious about highlight stories of a specialist or a doctor on Instagram So, make your effort to do it well to get more eyes and attention.

4- Live videos

Another useable feature which is common nowadays is going to live. Creating an effective live video strategy is essential to have more followers to join,

pay attention to these steps listed below:

Importantly, inform your followers to watch the live video you have already arranged an accurate time and date for.

First, tell the story, in fact, you should introduce the dental work type you are supposed to do, to make it clear for your audience to keep watching the video, the importance of making such clips is to show behind the scene also your real attempts at handling the situation and your dental skills.

Second, keep them short in order to be attractive for users to be persuaded to watch your next live videos with the same pattern. Moreover, do not forget to save the live video to be available for others who couldn’t watch it.

5- Get tagged by your patients

It is the most efficient way to gain a reputation as well as get more followers on Instagram when you ask a satisfied client or patient to share a post as a result of your work like a beautiful smile you have honor about.  It is such a good feeling when you receive a notification as your name has been tagged under the post. Following this tip, you will be successful to drive more traffic on your page.

6-be well-known by celebrities

I know a dental specialist who uses one of the strong Instagram marketing advantages, by making video posts from the celebrities who come to his dental office, it is really eye-catching when a celebrity decides to choose you as a professional dentist due to your high-quality operations. So far many types of research have proved that this type of approach leads to Instagram promotion and engagements. Not only makes a positive impression on clients but also tempt them to do beauty dental operation.

In conclusion, All the points I have mentioned need to be followed to get more followers, but the last one is the quickest way to reach the goal you are looking forward, it considered as a beneficial instrument with any particular features. I suggest using the ability of schedule post to help you with posting at the right time and saving much more free time.

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