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Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out, Why?

September 27,2019

One issue that many people have been facing on Instagram recently is that they keep getting logged out. This can either be down to a bug or mistake by the user. In this article, we will list the most common reasons that Instagram is logging you out, as well as the solutions on how to fix it.

Instagram, as a sixth big social media of the world, is becoming challenging and somehow confusing these days. Many users are facing problems while using Instagram, and some reporting that they have trouble logging in, or unwanted log out from Instagram, without notice, or any password changes.

The reasons why Instagram keep logging you out

Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media of all ages, and since Instagram added the business account to the setting, many of business are keen to use it for boosting their business. So, it is clear how vital it could be the Instagram accounts for individuals. However, this vast social media is changing its algorithm most often. Therefore, some errors or problems using it will come up. One of these reported problems is seeing the error while you are using Instagram on the phone, sometimes it suddenly logs you out and sends you back to the login page, and sometimes show the error that there was a problem with your request.

If you had any trouble while using the Instagram app, and it keeps you out while using it, here are the reasons and also the solutions. While we were considering the issue, we found that this is most happening for those who have added many accounts to their Instagram apps.

Moreover, sudden log out from Instagram can be because of password changing too. It means that if your password changes from any device, all other active devices will be inactive (or they become logged out).

It seems that the other reason to face this issue was an Instagram bug. However, according to the Instagram help center, you should no longer receive this error. Though, in case you still have problems with this error, in the next section, I would explain some possible solutions to this kind of error on Instagram.

What to do if Instagram logged you out repetitively?

Sudden log out from an account on Instagram is indeed frustrating, but hopefully, we have researched on this, and we have found some ways that could fix the issues.

The first solution is removing other accounts from your login pages and add accounts again. The second one is that you should clear cache from your mobile phone, which I would explain here.

# For iOS users:

Go to the setting > iPhone storage

And scroll down to the apps, find Instagram, and tap on it; you would see two buttons. The first is the offload App and delete the App. Tap on Offload App to get cash cleared. Clearing cash won’t affect your data and documents, and it is just removing extra files in your apps. By tapping on offload apps; the application would be reinstalled on your device.

# For Android users:

The process is almost the same. Follow this instruction: 
Go to Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache

As I mentioned, changing your Instagram’s password from another device, could log you out of your account. If you feel so, we highly recommend you go to the forgotten password section in the login page and try to reset your password through the information Instagram wants from you. If all the above tips could not help you, you should contact Instagram support to report the issue.


The last recommendation is that while using Instagram, it is better to check your setting and privacy. If you set strict privacy on your phone, you might have more issues related to login into the app, especially when you are logging in from other devices. Remember that it is better for you to connect your phone and Facebook page to your Instagram account. All these would help you to recover your account once you have log-in trouble.




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